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Electrical Safety Training

Total Control, Inc. has partnered with Stark Safety Consultants to bring you unparalleled services in the realm of industrial workplace electrical safety. From comprehensive training seminars to arc flash hazard analysis, Stark Safety’s team of highly trained professionals will help you create a safer, more productive workplace.

Selected Services:

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Electrical Risk Assessments
  • Electrical Safety Program Gap Analysis

Online Training

Qualified safety online employee testing||||

Custom online employee testing allows you to train your employees online at regular intervals. Make use of Stark’s comprehensive library of tests or customize your own, and then utilize their cutting edge diagnostic tools to evaluate and improve future tests.

Now new and current employees can be provided with up to date training on any topic you require, from anywhere with an internet connection. Track their progress, schedule new courses and tests, identify problem areas, and generate certificates directly from our program.

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Contact Information

Steve Schultz
Newtown, PA
Fax: 215-579-0645

Charles Kleinhenn
Boyertown, PA
Phone: 610-858-1183
Fax: 610-367-6399

Carl Kleinhenn
Exton, PA
Phone: 610-301-6314